For years Daniel Jolley has worked full time as Buddy the Clown Performing at small and large events throughout continental US doing shows and strolling entertainment. His recent performances have led him to Rio de Janeiro, London and Northern Ireland. Based of central Vermont, Daniel has performed for the last 5 years at the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln, NH as their Hobo Clown-Hobo Buddy. During the week, generally Monday-Wednesday you would find him located at the Hobo doing shows for the tourists and boarding the train to make balloons for the passengers. On the weekends throughout the summer you would find him at 7 of the 11 Fairs in Vermont, and numerous small and large events. In the evenings during the week you could find him at some of the Resorts in the area- Doing over 20 dates at Indian Head Resort in Lincoln,NH for June-August.


This year, Daniel made the hard decision to finish at Hobo Railroad to change things up, and is now doing performances for Camps and Libraries throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. His skill base comes off of years of full time performance (now at age 25) and the fact that he grew up in a family of clowns! . Holding an unofficial balloon record for a sculpture of 20,000 balloons in central Vermont and twisting a balloon poodle or motorcycle behind his back in less than 15 seconds shows his expertise. Daniel won 2nd place in a worldwide puppetry and ventriloquism competition in 2010 (he doesn’t do much of that anymore) and can juggle flaming torches on his 5 ft unicycle. Adding magic to the mix, he has created multiple themed shows and created high energy, magic, juggling, comedy, balloon, shows that have wowed audiences In 3 countries and 12 states and 3 languages alone in 2016.


Daniel has a passion for the arts and realizes that they make the world a much better and more fun place! And creating the Building a Better World Through Creativity Show was something he had a blast with. Dan is excited to show his passion and skill to the the next generation who will continue to make our world even better! We hope you book Dan and look forward to performing for your patrons!


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