Hello Library Director!

Thank you so much for checking out more information on my website! This page will give a little more information about Funny Man Dan’s Creativity Building Show. To go along with the Building a Better World 2017 Library Theme.


The Building a Better World Through Creativity is a show that includes crazy comedic antics, high energy activity, magical, mystical mayhem, balloon buffoonery and more created by Daniel Jolley.


The show is best suited for ages 4-12 and give ample opportunity for those in attendance to become part of the fun onstage. This show starts out loud (but not too loud, it is a library after all!) and continues with high energy whether there are 20 or 200 in attendance. The show challenges all to think creativity about how magic is done, what can be made with a balloon, the tricks involved in juggling and causing you to ponder what you can do with your own skill sets and creativity.


Follow Dan as a down an out construction worker who fumbles around as he doesn’t know how to BUILD anything. To building fun and magic through his own creativity and zaniness. Building a better world isn’t just about being an astronaut, or a police offer, or fireman that helps communities dream, achieve, and inspire. Building a better world can start with anyone at home, treating others with kindness and acknowledging differences that make the world a better place. And best of all? That can start in the Library with books that inspire and show you the world and what you could be more than any TV program ever could!


Dan comes complete with a sound system, professional easy setup backdrop (if space allows). All props and any give away. All we need is ample space to do a show. Daniel has done shows in small living rooms to theaters with thousands of seats and can customize to fit the space and requirements given.


Dan also is a very skilled balloon twister and can do balloon twisting after the show! Dogs, Swords-sure… but he can even do Seahorses, dragons, and more. Please email or call with any questions.shows@creativitybuilding.com


Check out the ABOUT page to learn more!